The development of SalesDriver was driven by the experience that a structured and systematic approach to sales is often missing, sales planning becomes a volume plan instead of a proper sales plan, focus is on results measurement rather than on the drivers leading to the results, sales managers not being able to sufficiently focus on driving the sales planning, productivity and performance in their sales teams and sales consultants not sufficiently knowing how to objectively approach an increase of their sales target.


How confident are you that your sales consultants will reach their sales targets this year?

Achieving the last 20% of the sales target is normally the most costly part, as it often means having to «buy» the market. At the same time, there is an overall need to reduce the distribution costs. Margin erosion will further restrict the use of traditional marketing campaigns as they are not sufficiently cost efficient to generate the required incremental sales. Doing more of the same is no longer sufficient – there is a need to improve sales effectivness and sales efficiency.

Depending on the starting point, we normally see 10-20% improved results just by getting a structured and systematic approach in sales. A further approx. 10% from getting transparency in the sales process and therefore being able to take the right action at the right time. If you can answer the following five questions with a «yes», SalesDriver can most likely substantially enhance your business’ sales performance.

  1. Is your business model mainly based on personal sales, i.e. you have a sales force selling your products or services?
  2. Is there a lead time from the first contact until the prospect decides to buy/not buy, which is longer than a few days?
  3. Is it important that a sales process is applied within the lead time when selling your products or services?
  4. Is it necessary for your business to win more customers than you currently have?
  5. Would you like an increased transparency of the KPIs in your sales process and a better understanding of «how much, of what» it takes to meet sales targets?