Sales Planning, Productivity and Performance Management


As unbelievable as it may sound, a vast majority of sales organisations selling products or services, operate without a professional sales plan – not just a sales volume projection, a marketing plan, or some other type of «list of events».

Without a professional sales plan, which objectively describes «how much, of what» has to be done to meet targets, challenges arise:

  • Focus is on the results, which one can’t change – instead of on the drivers leading to the results
  • Sales managers can’t sufficiently drive the sales planning, productivity and performance in their sales teams
  • Sales consultants do not have sufficient structure to objectively approach an increase of their sales target.


Achieving the last 20% of the sales target is normally the most costly part as it often means having to «buy» the market. At the same time, however, there is an overall need to reduce the distribution costs. Margin erosion will further restrict the use of traditional marketing campaigns as they are not sufficiently cost efficient to generate the required incremental sales.

Doing more of the same is no longer sufficient – there is a need to improve sales effectiveness and sales efficiency. An increased transparency of the KPIs in the sales process is required to focus on the drivers of sales and to better understand «how much, of what» it takes to meet sales targets.

Depending on the starting point, we normally see 10-20% improvement of sales results with SalesDriver – just by achieving a structured and systematic approach. A further approx. 10% from getting transparency in the sales process and therefore being able to take the right action at the right time. If you can answer the following five questions with a «yes», SalesDriver can most likely substantially enhance the sales performance of your business.


Your company will most likely profit from using the SalesDriver philosophy and tool if the following applies:

1. Sales team

Your business model is mainly based on personal sales, i.e. you have sales people.

2. Sales process

It is important that a sales process is applied when selling your products or services.

3. Sales Lead time

There is a lead time from the first contact until the prospect decides to buy/not to buy.

4. Sales effectivenesS

It is necessary for your business to win more customers than you currently have.

Project Partners

SalesDriver as an IT solution was developed in close co-operation with my colleagues at proaxia consulting group.

Further research for SalesDriver from a technological perspective and additional market studies were conducted in co-operation with the University of Lausanne, Faculty of Business and Economics.

Considered a worthwhile project, the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI / Innosuisse funded a doctorate project with the University of Lausanne related to SalesDriver.