«We are just 19 contracts behind plan, should be no problem …»

«I am not concerned – we have planned a lot of activities and events …»

«We were too expensive …»

«We need more marketing …»

«They had a better offer from …»


Do you sometimes get similar answers when reviewing sales performance with your salesforce? The reason for the vague answers is often linked to a lack of transparent and KPI-based sales process information. If you want better answers from your sales consultants, you must be able to ask better questions.

SalesDriver tells you «how much, of what» is required to meet targets and gives you the transparency you need to drive sales productivity and performance in your organisation. With SalesDriver you may not need a «Plan B» as you can plan, drive and steer sales from an enabler perspective.

How confident are you that your sales consultants will reach their sales targets?

  • Do you have an early warning system in place to timely identify sales risks?
  • Does your current way of working and systems permit you to manage sales from an enabler perspective and tell you «how much, of what» has to be done to get results back on track?
  • If you increase the sales target with 15%, does your salesforce know what has to be done to reach the sales target? And can you objectively argue the resource issue?
  • Do you have the right information to ask the right questions? And get the right answers?
  • Can you at the right time, plan the right activities and ensure sustainable implementation? And avoid hectic, «actionitis» and demotivation?
  • Can you objectively recognise, which salespeople have what coaching needs to improve their sales effectiveness?
  • Do you know if the (tactical) marketing initiatives lead to the required results?
  • Is it sometimes difficult to avoid that the «short-term-sales-results-fix» becomes the problem of tomorrow?
  • Does your current way of working and sales systems permit you to actively manage both the customer and the supply pipeline?
  • Do you sometimes feel that continuing «doing more of the same» is not an option, which is also what our customers tell us?

If you are not - spend 30 minutes per week with SalesDriver at the cost of «a coffee per day» per sales consultant to get the answers to the above questions

Underneath are some of the reasons a customer rolled out SalesDriver with its 400-dealer network:

Focus on the enablers and monitor that the results follow, not vice versa

  • Integrated KPI measurement throughout the distribution channel, OEM – NSC/Import – Dealers –  permits you to drive sales productivity and performance in «one language»
  • Measuring the drivers of the sales results gives you an early warning system to identify sales risks and permits you to take timely action. Looking back at past results is often too late – in particular if you have long lead times!
  • You understand «how much, of what» is required to get back on track and manage sales from an enabler perspective
  • Targeted vs. shotgun approach marketing spend: The generation of qualified leads requires other measures than improving the conversion ratio from offer to contract
  • You can support your salesforce/dealers in understanding how to manage the quantity and quality of their sales activities, i.e. the conversion ratios
  • Enables you to set objective, transparent and feasible sales targets
  • Sales activity is measured real-time and the key performance indicators are continuously updated
  • Available as a cloud or customer embedded solution. The cloud solution can be implemented immediately, the implementation of an embedded solution depends on the complexity

Below find some SalesDriver screenshots from the application tailored for the automotive industry:

SalesDriver tracks the sales KPIs at retail level and reports at all levels in the distribution channel, e.g. sales person -» retailer -» region -» country -» cluster etc. Data is always propagated at the next higher level(s) in the hierarchy and can be viewed in identical format at all levels.
A drill-down to dealer level, where the dealer principal/sales director sees his dealership and sales consultants.

The analysis section permits an analysis of the relevant sales activity data. Different time perspectives permit a differentiated view on the performance of the team and the resistance in the market.

The extrapolation screen provides the bigger picture of what has to be done, or not, and serves as one of the key inputs for the sales activity plan.

The rock solid Sales and Marketing Activity Plan is no doubt the «pièce de résistance» of SalesDriver. This is where it all comes together and proves that sales results can be planned and steered.

Should you want to see more, please get in touch.